Our Mission

Our mission is to operate a loving end-of-life care home for people in our community; to provide quality care and access to hospice services to our residents and their families; and to provide end-of-life care education to our community.


Our Community House of Hope will provide a loving home for those who are dying and will educate the community on end-of-life issues.
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What We Are Doing

The number of people needing this kind of end-of-life care home continues to grow daily. We will care for those who can contribute to their cost of care at OCHH and also to those who have financial hardships . We believe that every person matters and deserves this compassionate care in their final days.

The Problem And Our Solution

80% of Americans want to spend their last days at home, surrounded by loved ones. Unfortunately, this is often not possible. Family members and friends can be overwhelmed providing and arranging care at home. Many of us don’t have family or friends available to help and hiring home care can be cost- prohibitive.

OCHH will provide a home completely focused on end-of-life needs, with care for those who are dying and support for their families and loved ones. Residents and their families will be asked to participate in the cost of care at OCHH. Residents requiring financial assistance may be subsidized through a special fund.

Family members and friends freed from care duties will be able to spend their time and energy supporting and connecting with their loved one, and with each other.

OCHH is a pioneer and the only end-of-life care home in Ventura County, and N.W. Los Angeles County. It is a social model end-of-life care home that other communities seek to replicate.

A Loving End-of-Life Care Home

We call Our Community House of Hope (OCHH) “a loving end-of-life care home” – our team of volunteers crafted this description of OCHH years ago – and it has guided us ever since.

End-of-life means that every person we care for at OCHH has a remaining life expectancy of thirty days or less.

Home means a place. And more than a place. Home means a feeling. It means a loving place to feel safe, private, peaceful, cared for, and respected. It means a comfortable place in the midst of a quiet neighborhood. It means a place free from the equipment, noise and interruptions typically found in a nursing home or other institution. Hope and kindness are at the heart of our home.


Our Community House of Hope (OCHH) was founded in the fall of 2005 by a group of community members with experience in end-of-life care. With backgrounds including hospice care, medical doctors, grief counselors, and business experts, our common vision of providing loving care in a special home, for people in their final days became the mission of OCHH.

After seven years of sharing our vision with the community, and raising funds, OCHH was opened in March 2012. Our leased four-bedroom home in Thousand Oaks, CA was transformed into a beautiful care home for those facing their end days and needing care. We provided care for 235 residents and their families, through their final journey from 2012-2017.

Phase 2—Launch Proven Model Home

OCHH will reopen in a six-bedroom home and re-establish all resident/family services. We will enhance our educational programs in the community and with our university partners. We will build our Board of Directors and establish an Advisory Board. We will continue to build and strengthen our community partnerships and fundraising efforts.

Phase 3—Future Direction

OCHH will be a model for other homes in and beyond Ventura and Los Angeles counties. By the seventh year of operations, we expect to be in a financial position to be able to create and finance additional homes. We will partner with other community groups to develop similar homes in their communities. We will serve as mentors to other groups creating similar homes.


OCHH will be owned and operated in a peaceful residential neighborhood, accessible to residents in Ventura County and surrounding areas. We will have around-the-clock compassionate caregivers, six comfortable private bedrooms for residents, and open common areas for residents, families and other visitors. Compared to the person’s home, OCHH will be the next best place – and in some cases, a better place. OCHH will become the “home” for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in which a person is never alone, spending their last days surrounded by love and support.

OCHH will be open to terminally ill adults without regard to race, ethnicity, national origin, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, age or gender.

Staff And Volunteers

Our attentive and professional staff will include a full-time resident care manager and 24-hour caregivers, together with an executive director/development officer.

Caring community volunteers will help with activities, maintenance, meal preparation, outreach and fundraising. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, our volunteers will provide listening, companionship, and support for our residents and their loved ones.

OCHH Will Help People Make Better Use of Hospice

Each resident will select an outside Medicare-certified hospice agency before admission to OCHH. More than 13 such agencies serve Ventura County and 22 agencies in N.W. LA County. OCHH will be a place where a person can receive hospice services. OCHH is not a hospice agency.

By providing peaceful, consistent, professional, 24/7 care for residents and families, OCHH will help dying individuals and their families make better use of hospice services. OCHH will also help hospice agencies be more effective in providing their services.

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A History Of Love

A Story Of Hope

From 2012-2017 OCHH served over 250 residents in our 5 years of operation. Our community embraced our Mission and supported us throughout those years. Please join us NOW and Donate to Open our Doors once again, and re-establish this important work.

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